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Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy, which is used to staff a project or respond to business objectives. Over the years, MAI has amassed an extensive database of potential candidates to fulfill almost any position. MAI’s staff augmentation experience spans many industries from small municipal governments to commercial businesses to federal governments; from IT Support Personnel to Senior Program Management Staff to Business Development and Human Resources Personnel. When circumstances require MAI can source new and specialized staff through job fairs, online job posting forums and LinkedIn.


When evaluating potential staff members, MAI looks not just for relevant background experience, but also for qualities that will translate into quality responsiveness for our clients. Qualities such as initiative, ability to learn quickly and work independently, the flexibility to work on several tasks simultaneously and dedication to continually improve the value of task services.  It is through the hiring, training, promoting and retaining of such employees that MAI has been able to achieve an outstanding record of repeat client engagements.

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