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Small Business Success


MAI’s key discriminator from our competition is our small size. Our size allows us to be nimble and flexible for our customers varying needs. MAI is unique in that while we are a woman-owned, small business we have a proven track record of servicing clients small and large giving us a rare, exclusive standing within the IT sector.


MAI’s main competitors are companies larger in size offering similar services. While these companies may look attractive to our customers because they appear to have a resource advantage, due to scale, MAI still holds the competitive edge. MAI is able to focus closely on our customer’s needs and never allow them to get lost within a massive enterprise with too many additional projects on their plate. We offer superior value-added service and support on a more personal level than our larger counterparts. Because MAI is small we can easily adjust our offerings and strategies to mold to our customer requirements and this gives us an advantage.


Small Business Certifications and Awards

MAI holds the Small Women-Owned and Minority-Owned (SWaM) business certification from the State of Virginia and the Department of Minority Business Enterprises.


MAI was  awarded the 2014 Best of Business Award for Sterling, VA in the Small Business Category by the Small Business Community Association (SBCA).

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