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Backup & Data Administration


Database technology eliminates many of the problems of traditional file organization by organizing data, centralizing data, and controlling redundant data. MAI’s IT staff can enhance and ensure the capabilities of a customer's database management system allowing the following capabilities and many more:


  • Act as an interface between application programs and the data files

  • Separates the logical view of the database (how the data is perceived by end users) and the physical view (how the data is actually organized on storage media). It also allows different logical views for different users.

  • Help to reduce data redundancy and eliminate data inconsistency by allowing a central, shared data source

  • Generating customized reports and developing desktop system applications.


Considerations MAI will be sure to consider when designing a customer's database will include both physical and conceptual design. No matter our customer's backup or data administration needs, MAI has the experience necessary to succesful manager their data focused projects.

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